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"My wooden house is the most beautiful…
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"My wooden house is the most beautiful of all": a mother replies to those who have criticized her poor home

February 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being discriminated against by dull and ignorant people is one of the most unpleasant things that can happen in life; being discriminated against not only makes us vulnerable and not accepted by society, but it can also compromise our self-esteem. There are those who will be downcast by such treatment, and those who instead roll up their sleeves and don't get downhearted, facing the opinions of others head on. This is the story of a woman who didn't want to listen to other people gossiping and proved to the world that badness gets you nowhere.

The wickedness of the people hurt the pride of Ana Belén Loor, a woman from Machala in Ecuador, who had to fight against ignorance and prejudice. Ana had in fact posted images and videos on social media that showed her and her daughters inside their wooden house; a simple house, without luxury furniture or technological appliances. Apparently these images have bothered many readers ...

What users criticized was in fact the ostentation of the apparent "poverty" of Ana's  and her daughter's house  on social networks, a simple wooden house, without particular luxuries or modernity; however, it is unthinkable that people nowadays maliciously criticize a person's life choices, without perhaps knowing the situation in which they find themselves. But unfortunately, that's what poor Ana had to face on social media. 


The woman's response, however, was not long in coming, since she was keen to point out to all these gossips that respect and education reign in her home, before wealth: "To those who criticized my house, I tell them that I am not ashamed to live there, because it is the most beautiful thing that can exist in the world!"

Wise and meaningful words from Ana, a housewife and a mother who was not afraid to face head-on the gossip of people who certainly did not know the economic situation in which she is living.

This story reminds us once again that true wealth is not economic, it is not comprised of cutting-edge tech gadgets, fancy clothes or refined food, true wealth is that which comes directly from the heart and from our ability to live life with respect and good manners.


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