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He erases the ex-wife from a family…
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He erases the ex-wife from a family photo and his daughter praises his unexpected photo editing skills

January 29, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Life holds many drawbacks, even where we once believed we had made a good choice. Above all in relationships, nothing is simple or straight forward: the person who once seemed to us the love of our life, could turn out to be a person with whom we really don't get along very well. Today, there is never a shortage of news of separations or divorces, ready to remedy such mistakes. Strangely enough, occasions of this kind can sometimes give rise to truly bizarre situations: on Twitter, a girl named Courtney posted a nice family photo; a few moments later, the girl's father published the same photo, taking care to exclude one detail: his ex-wife!

This was the original photo Courtney posted

Although such a gesture cannot be called exactly cute, the readers reactions were mostly hilarity and amazement in seeing the unexpected Photoshop abilities of the divorced man. The daughter Courtney, in fact, also pointed out in her message on Twitter: "My parents got divorced and I posted the first photo, while my father posted the second and he cut my mother out - but can you see a shadow? didn't he do well?". In fact, comparing the two photos and not knowing their history, it would be difficult to identify the original. Especially if you don't have an expert eye.

A post that gleaned at least 890 000 positive reactions and about 60 thousand retweets on Twitter. Everyone marveled at the man's incredible photo editing skills, advising him to look for work as a graphic designer. There are those who have admiringly commented on the post with phrases such as: "And to think that my father can barely use his cell phone!"

Indeed, if you have the skills to do something, why not make the most of it?


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