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Unknowing parents: 17 photos from the…
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Unknowing parents: 17 photos from the past show us how dangerous some "customs" of the time were

March 27, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a parent is not easy and, to be honest, it never was. Although we often refer to grandparents and parents when it comes to adopting the right methods to raise our children or simply change their diapers, we must remember that, deep down, they too have made their mistakes and have wondered if they were doing the right thing. Nowadays technology has made great strides and we have access to so much information, that advice we might have previously accepted with absolute certainty, today, seems like old myth and distant superstition. Parents of all ages have always been attentive to their children, in one way or another, yet you will be amazed to observe how once certain practices were considered absolutely normal and safe for the children of the time. Today we would talk about a lack of knowledge, once, perhaps, they found it fun!

1. Children jumping from a fire escape onto mattresses in New York's Lower East Side, 1979

Who would let their children play like that?

2. When we talk about raising a child in one's own image .... (1982)

image: Reddit

3. A little fresh air...

In 1937 these cages were the most convenient and practical solution for some parents, so that their child could receive the right amount of light and fresh air during the day. In fact, there was a fear of negatively affecting a child's health by living in an apartment. Of course, they didn't in the least think that these cages were rather disconcertingly precarious.

4. Who left that can of beer unguarded?

Alcohol can be harmeful at any age, but for little ones it can be really destructive and dangerous: always keep out of reach of children!

5. Father of the year...

image: Imgur

6. This looks very dangerous for both children and parents!

Afraid of heights? Don't take the chairlift, but above all, we hope you didn't have the pleasure of doing so in the 1960s! As you can see, the seats didn't even have a bar to make them safe.

7. Baby car seats in the 1940s were practically ejector seats!

image: Reddit

8. "He's like a cat but bigger, isn't he?" .... No!

image: Imgur

9. Who needs a big fence to keep the wild animals in...or the kids out?


10. This is how we flew in the 1950s with a baby: hooked on to the overhead luggage rack!

11. Playing with the sparklers at a few months old: another parenting masterclass!

12. A great swimming lesson in 1930!

13. Apparently they thought it was safe to let her ride a bear ...

14. "Please don't breathe too much, everyone smokes here ..."

Passive smoking seriously damages everyone's health and especially the little ones should be protected from it. But in the past, you know, smoking was allowed in public places, never mind in your own home!

15. If they survived this ...

image: Reddit

16. The "best mom" award for this year goes to ...

17. Let's go skating...hand in hand...

For ice hockey player Jack Milford, what you see represented was the invention of the century: he and his wife could go ice skating with their little son.

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