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16 husbands with a decidedly developed…
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16 husbands with a decidedly developed sense of humor

July 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every couple has its own delicate balance that should not be touched. Some equilibriums are very easy to maintain but others do not work except when assisted by a pinch of madness.

It is certainly the case of these 16 husbands who surprised their wife with one of their own practical jokes. Some have put their sense of humor at the service of tender and sweet gestures, others to justify their laziness, while others have been a bit naughty.

And you, in which do you recognize yourself more?

1. "Here's what I found in the fridge after I told my husband that there was an offer on ice cream at the supermarket."

image: 2workigo

2. "I asked my husband who is taller than me, to hang the bathroom mirror."

image: reddit

3. "When you tell him he should not drink beer and he hides it with the words "Not Beer".

image: MukMu

4. "It doesn't matter what the hell this thing says. I love you just the way you are!"

image: MiamiMarktMan

5. "That one time you trusted him to wrap the Christmas presents."

image: Leah8746

6. "When you take so long to get ready to go out."

7. "My wife wanted a ring for Christmas so much ..."

image: surfkaboom

8. "He promised me that he was eating healthy food but then I had a suspicion ...."

9. "For your information: This was NOT made with love."

image: peacequility

10. "Will You Be My Valentine?" That was a rhetorical question. You don't have a choice --- we're married. Happy Valentine's Day.

image: Lndubs

11. "REMEMBER: If mum does not find out, it's like it never happened.' (when it's his turn to look after the children ...)

image: HabitantsFan

12. "I'm not made to be folded". With this excuse, a husband thought he could get out of folding the fitted sheets (sheets with elastic corners).

image: Cradnee

13. "Dear? Have you put the spaghetti on the stove?"

image: Wendy Rollins

14. This man definitely knows how to surprise his wife!

15. "I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen ..."

16. "When you tell your husband to help you stay on a diet ..."

image: lolsnaps
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