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A thief steals a car but realizes that…
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A thief steals a car but realizes that there is a child in the back seat: he goes back and tells the mother off!

January 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A parent knows well that when you have small children you can't afford to be distracted even for one second: danger, of any kind, could be around the corner and no detail can be overlooked. It is also true that in everyday life we face challenges which might prevail over common sense. An American mom from Beaverton, Oregon, thought she could leave her 4-year-old son in the car for just a few minutes - the time it takes to buy a carton of milk - without it causing a problem. However, the woman left the keys in the car with the engine running - too good an opportunity for a thief!

via: AP News

A thief who, in fact, wasted no time after witnessing the scene from afar: he immediately slipped into the unsuspecting woman's car and drove away. The thug, however, had not yet realized that a very young passenger was sitting in the back seat. In fact, his mother had gone into a store for a few minutes before her car was stolen and it might be understandable that she had left her son in the car, in the belief that she would be back in less than five minutes.

At that point, the thief didn't think twice about making a U-turn and "returning" the child to the mother. In fact, the thief even thought he had the right to reprimand the woman for the way in which she performed her parental duties.

The thief scolded the woman for leaving her 4-year-old son in the car, with the engine running, no safety locks and the keys inserted. His reprimand was so strong and heartfelt that the man even threatened to report the woman to the police!

This woman will now think twice before making the same mistake. Fortunately for her and her child, the thief evidently still had some "sound principles" to cling on to.


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