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15 questionable shoes that customers…
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15 questionable shoes that customers didn't hesitate to buy for a small fortune

January 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Shoes are among the most popular accessories for women and men; if the former are always looking for the latest fashion footwear, boys instead prefer a decidedly more sporty and practical model. However, the fact is that the more fashionable and avant garde designs have such bizarre shapes and colors that it's hard to believe that they can ever be worn and function as shoes. Take a look at this photo gallery to see what we mean!

A shoe that is also a clock!

A pair of shoes that many birds will be attracted to!


Why would a woman buy a pair of cell phone shoes?

image: Imgur

A pair of slides with stones embedded in the sole. Do they look comfy?

Why would you want to expose one toe?


For those who love basketball perhaps?

image: amp13/Reddit

These shoes cost 1250 euros, we're not joking!

image: Giec_/Reddit

It very expensive, but it looks like it's already dirty!

image: Reddit

Police shoes. Seriously.


These shoes are Harry Potter inspired, but they're so ugly!

Wow, very elegant and very uncomfortable at the same time!

One of my son's classmates wore these shoes ... what bad taste!

Boots for those who like to be ... warm and comfortable!

It's hard to tell the front from the back in these shoes.

image: Sappok/Reddit

A very elegant women's shoe or is it a funky sock?


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