Stylist celebrates her 71st: she demonstrates how age is just a number, posting pictures of herself in outfits usually worn by women half her age -
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Stylist celebrates her 71st: she demonstrates…
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Stylist celebrates her 71st: she demonstrates how age is just a number, posting pictures of herself in outfits usually worn by women half her age

July 14, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

For centuries, people have been searching for that miracle elixir that will finally keep them looking youthful despite their advanced age. Obviously, living a healthy lifestyle (i.e. staying active and eating healthy), can help keep you looking younger much longer. Some people, however, never seem to age no matter how old they get! 

Take Vera Wang for example. The famous fashion designer just celebrated her 71st birthday and, after looking through some of the recent pictures she posted on social media, we're convinced she may have found the elixir of life!  

If you saw this photo, would you believe that this woman was born in 1949? If you just had these pictures to go by, you probably wouldn't believe it. A New York native of Chinese origin, Wang quickly became well-known for her bridal gown creations. Although she turned 71 this year, her toned body and hard-as-rock abs and super chic style tells us one thing: she is the youngest elderly woman we have ever seen!  

At first glance, Wang could be easily mistaken for a woman in her early 40's, if not younger. Her wardrobe probably has a lot to do with it; after all, how many 70-year-old women do you see wearing sports bras and booty shorts out in public? 


When asked about how she's able to maintain such a youthful appearance, the designer attributes it to 4 simple things: work, getting enough sleep, drinking a vodka cocktail everyday, and avoiding sun exposure. 

Surprisingly, the woman doesn't like to exercise. That's why it's so incredible that she's managed to stay looking so fit! 

Obviously, what works for her won't work for everybody, but Wang at least can give hope to other women like her who wish to remain looking youthful in their golden years. What matters most is taking care of yourself and not obsessing over aging. Like Wang has shown us, it's better to just be yourself and never let getting older change who you are. 

Age is - and should only ever be - a number. Thanks, Vera, for demonstrating this to us, and to many more birthdays like this one! 


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