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15 children who brought their parents…
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15 children who brought their parents a little unquiet

December 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are adorable children, who almost never have a tantrum and who behave exactly as you would expect from children their age: always perfectly behaved, they are probably every parent's dream. There are, however, just as many children, whose behavior can be nothing short of bizarre or out of place. It's no coincidence that some people feel uncomfortable in the presence of small children: many of these little darlings seem to do everything to make the rest of us uneasy, with inappropriate words or wacky behavior. So what if your child takes the heads off their dolls and puts them in the toy oven they received for Christmas? Don't panic!

1. "She crying because I won't buy her this lovely doll movie for Christmas ..."

2. When your daughter makes the other kids a little uncomfortable at Halloween ...


3. "I went into her room and found her dolls like this ...."

4. What can have happened here?!

5. "I told my 2 year old daughter she could choose what she liked as a Halloween costume..."


6. "I found him asleep like this, on the LEGO bricks ... when he wakes up he can officially be declared immortal!"

7. A resolute child!


8. I am so grateful that I have Godzilla in my life!

9. "When Darth Vader told him to join the dark side, he leapt at him. I don't know if I need to be worried or not."


10. "Here is my 4 year old daughter hiding from my wife ..."

11. "My almost 3 year old daughter found our Ouija board and is using it to learn the alphabet ... help!"

12. When you go to IKEA and you realize that a curious child has been there before you

13. "Ok and now what do I do ?!"

14. "Mom, I can see the moon!"

15. "I was looking at my daughter's latest drawings and I found this: my mother-in-law passed away recently, so we made a decorative box to hold her ashes. My daughter drew the box in the family tree...."

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