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15 people who look decidely better thanks…
The moving photo of a doctor hugging an elderly patient who is in tears:

15 people who look decidely better thanks to powerful phone filters

By Alison Forde

Everyone would like to be able to change reality and have a sort of magic wand capable of correcting all the imperfections that mark our lives, starting with the little things that annoy us. Unfortunately, in everyday life magic does not exist except in books or movies, but we do have technology at our disposal: for example, thanks to the filters on mobile apps such as Instagram, everyone can modify and "improve" their appearance with a few, simple steps: the comparison with reality is merciless!

Jennifer Lopez had herself photoshopped in her official pictures to look at least 30 years younger

The sad reality of a very popular floral photograph among Instagram users ...


Everyday reality is something else ...

Heck, with these applications you can even change your skin color!

The same face photoshopped into two different photographs: thanks to technology, everything is possible!


Behind the scenes of a perfect photoshoot!

Instead of celebrating non-existent perfection, this girl celebrates the imperfections of cellulite


A truly absurd edited photograph: why make your teeth so white and shiny?

Have you noticed how small the woman's foot looks? Magic of filters?


Same woman on two different fashion covers with different filters; she doesn't even look like the same person!

We swear it's the exact same person ... with a few more filters!

With filters...witohut filters!

Do you see any difference ... look at the lips?

Apparently this guy likes blue eyes ...

It's all a matter of perspective and ... filters!


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