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15 people who wore clothes and accessories…
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15 people who wore clothes and accessories bordering on bad taste and got themselves noticed

December 04, 2020 • By Alison Forde

De gustobus non disputandi, that is, personal taste is not to be discussed. Quite right, everyone has the right to have their own likes and dislikes towards the most disparate things, without being judged for their choices. Still, there are some striking cases in which some fearless and very bold people have dared to wear clothing or accessories of all kinds, bordering on bad taste. It was practically impossible for us not not to notice them and show them to you!

Won't that backpack be too heavy for you?

image: BonJob/Reddit

For the man who is always in need...of an umbrella!


When you don't know where to put your lunch when you go to work ...

Tell the truth: would you ever wear this hairband?

You need to be very brave to wear these shoes!


Ok, perhaps a little extreme...

In times of pandemic...


There's something not right about this outfit!

Pajamas that look like ripped jeans


Go on, would you have the courage to carry a bag like this?

He has a crocodile in his shoe!

This is like something out of a horror film!

A ring with a tooth.

Yes, it's a hat...and very fashionable!

For those who are always in need of a coffee!

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