18 cats so stubborn that it was absolutely…
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18 cats so stubborn that it was absolutely impossible to say no

December 04, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who has one at home knows exactly what we are talking about. They are not only four-legged friends capable of extreme sweetness and companionship, but sometimes our dear felines manage to surprise their owners thanks to particularly grumpy and decidedly stubborn attitudes! In this fun gallery, we wanted to show you some cats so stubborn that they definitely got noticed for their hardheadedness and immovability!

My cat just doesn't like his bed!

Rabbit outside, cat...inside!


I think it was a mistake to buy them a cat tree ...

I don't think he exactly understand how to use his new igloo!

image: Imgur

Of all the comfortable places in the house, why does he have to sleep perched on the edge of his chair?


Despite having bought him a new bed, he insists on sleeping in this bag!

And here we have another stubborn cat who rejects his bed!


Yes, that's right: it's a cat ... in a pan!

In the warmer months, of course there is nothing cooler than sleeping in the window box with the plants ...

image: Imgur

The Christmas tree was too much to resist!

He asks me to be let in every five minutes!

image: hyuma/Reddit

You want to use your skateboard? No chance!

She's going to jump...again.

The table is severely prohibited, but...there he is, demanding food!

Although I have forbidden it more than once, apparently he can't resist the warmth from the computer!

I told him not to look out of that window!

image: snoee/Reddit

He's so stubborn that now he has even learned how to open the door

Eventually, they managed to make a hole in the wall!

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