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A 90-year-old woman is reported by neighbors…
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A 90-year-old woman is reported by neighbors because of her yard full of garbage: she receives a steep fine

By Alison Forde

For a society to be considered as civilised it must include, in its laws and regulations, safeguards and respect for older people.  They should not be harassed, exploited or treated badly, unlike the experience of Agnes Mable, a 90-year-old woman, almost unable to move on her own, who was fined $ 2,500 because of her yard full of garbage and things to throw away which had been rotting there for months. But it wasn't her fault.

This American senior saw her neighbors discontent grow until they could not resist anymore: the yard was really an eye sore, and it ruined the whole neighborhood with its shabby appearance, and its smell. Agnes, however, was not to blame from this point of view: the accumulated garbage in her outdoor yard was due to one of the members of her family, who had taken advantage of the old lady's illness to discard things there.

In the end, her neighbors refused to hear reason: she would have ended up with a $2,500 fine to pay if she didn't quickly fix up her scruffy yard.

Agnes, who could barely walk, let alone clean up her yaard, didn't know how to get the job done, until the voluntary organization for the elderly Operation Blessing happened along. Thanks to its young people full of energy, they cleaned up all the old woman's external yard, and not only that. With a lot of patience and professionalism, the volunteers of Operation Blessing have transformed Agnes's external space into a lovely green and pretty garden for her to sit in!

Fortunately, the woman was aided by these volunteers and avoided paying the fine. At the same time her neighbors, for their part, were really not very understanding, don't you agree?


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