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15 stunning wedding photographs from…
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15 stunning wedding photographs from yesteryear that look like they came out of a movie set

November 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

We have no doubt that our grandparents were cooler than us; just browse once again through the dusty pages of the old family albums to discover and then you can be sure that when they were young, they had more charm, more style than us of the newer generations. Just take a look at these extraordinary vintage photographs, in which our grandparents were immortalized on the most important day of their lives: their wedding day.

My grandparents cutting the cake, in 1950.

My grandmother preparing for her wedding in 1968: what charm!


Left my grandfather on his wedding day. He looks like a movie star!

The bright smiles of my grandparents on their wedding day: what joy!

My grandmother and my great grandmother preparing for the big day!


A photograph that looks like something out of an old film!

Look how charming my grandparents' were, in 1956!

image: erelca/Reddit

My grandmother wearing a Christian Dior wedding dress during the 1940s. Wow!

The grace and elegance of my grandmother on the most important day of her life!


A knowing smile that new couples who get married today dream of!

My great-grandparents on their wedding day, way back in 1911!

In 1950: my grandparents, of Indian origin, just got married!

1962 Grandma and Grandpa cut the wedding cake!

image: Imgur

My grandmother should really have been a movie star!

image: mayhem6/Reddit

My maternal grandparents happy and surrounded by friends and family on their wedding day in Boston in 1962!


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