This mattress is almost 13 feet (4 meters) wide and has been designed to accommodate the whole family -
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This mattress is almost 13 feet (4 meters)…
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This mattress is almost 13 feet (4 meters) wide and has been designed to accommodate the whole family


If at least once in your life you have complained about the size of your bed, a well-known mattress manufacturer has put an article on the market that could be just what you need.

Now, you can say goodbye to annoying bed invasions or bothersome sleep mates, comfort is assured for the whole family!

But it is not all sunshine and rainbows because the right comfort has a price ... and exaggerated dimensions!

If the space in your bed is a problem and it is not big enough for you, then the Ace Collection company has a mattress that could be just what you need! At 12 feet wide (3.7 meters), the Ace Family Size mattress is the undisputed champion of comfort for the whole family.

Recommended for those who want to be very comfortable and for those who during the night receive visits from their children or pets or simply because your better half likes to spread out while sleeping.

Whatever the reason you would like a mattress like this, you should bear in mind that the considerable dimensions of this unique bed would probably not fit in many bedrooms.

The same goes for the bed linen that will inevitably have a record size, as well as the price that far exceeds the threshold of $5,000 USD for a complete bed frame. After all, dreaming does not cost anything and doing it on board this "spaceship" is priceless!


In any case, the Ace Collection beds are also available in more "human" sizes, including a "less comfortable" Ace Size of only about 8 feet (2.7 meters) and a Player Size of around 6.6 feet (2 meters). So if your dream is to lose yourself while you are sleeping and to share a bed with the whole family, then this is the bed and mattress for you!


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