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17 people who compared their photos…
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17 people who compared their photos with those of their relatives and discovered a remarkable similarity

By Alison Forde

It's not until we have in our hands an old photograph of our parents, our grandparents or our relatives from the past, that we will notice how striking the similarity between us and them can sometimes be. There are cases in which, comparing a photograph of ourselves with an older one of our relatives, we can say that they are exactly like two drops of water; which is more or less the same thing that the people who posted these photos thought too.

We have to say that the similarity between father and son here is absolutely indisputable!

Mother and daughter? Like two drops of water!


Your genes are strong in me, dad!

Like father...like son!

No, it's not my father, but the photo on the right shows my grandfather in his heyday: do you notice a certain similarity?


At the top me as a child, at the bottom my baby son: like two drops of water!

Hey grandma, I got it from you!


I have to say that I inherited a nice goatee and mustache from my father!

Same photo, different timelines: my father ... and me!


Mother and daughter like to wear ... the same glasses!

Me and my son in 1988; right, my son with my grandson, exactly 30 years later!

Me and my Dad ... not even the years and the passing of time can erase the power of our genes!

I recreated an old photo of my father in 1980 (left): pretty much the same!

My father and I (left), me and my son, right

My father and I: two photos taken when we were both 60 years old!

image: Imgur

Same photo, same place, father and son: 35 years of a difference

image: Imgur

My mother on her Phd graduation day (left); me and my mom on my PhD graduation day, right

We would just say that the apple never falls too far from the tree, right?


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