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A dog guards his master's grave every…
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A dog guards his master's grave every day: he doesn't want to part from the man who died three months

November 18, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A dog's loyalty to their favorite humans is unquestionable. These four-legged angels would never betray their masters for anything in the world, they would follow them everywhere, even to the ends of the world. A dog is so attached to the human who raised and cared for him that he would not abandon him even in the afterlife. A fidelity that goes far beyond any gesture or word, just like the one expressed by this sweet dog, who remained next to his master's grave for months ...

The images were recorded by the smartphone of Bernardo Bianchi and then published on YouTube; a dog in the Philippines was seen guarding his owner's grave, who had passed away three months earlier. In all this time, this poor dog always attended the grave of his favorite human, and he was always in the graveyard, dripping with rain, always there, motionless and silent watching over the man who had loved him so in life much...

Fidelity is a value that everyone should put into practice every day with the people most dear to them, and therefore we can only take as an example, the deep feeling that this four-legged angel has shown and continues to demonstrate towards his master who has passed away..

A deep bond that not even death has been able to dissolve.

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