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15 people who found themselves faced…
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15 people who found themselves faced with coincidences that literally made them jump

By Alison Forde

In life, anything can happen when you least expect it. If the element of surprise is one of the most important ingredients in life, when we are eyewitnesses to an extraordinary coincidence we cannot help but immortalize it by taking a photo  or having a good laugh. This is why we want to offer you a gallery of truly hilarious images in which coincidence was the master and left the authors of these unique photos practically stunned!

Look at the spots on these cute dogs: one spot, two spots, three spots!

Not even to done on purpose ... it's the same landscape!


This fly appears to be carrying the sun

Is someone dressed in red climbing the balcony? No, it's just a sheet!

The ray of light seems to illuminate this toilet with a sacred aura!


Reading a book about birds and ... one comes to life on the page!

A frozen Pepsi creates a unique geometric work of art!


The tree collapsed, but it doesn't seem to have even touched this car!

A guy listens to music on his cell phone, and his headphone cord seems to give life ... to a musical note!


This foal seems to want to grow up too fast!

Ashes rising into the sky resemble the shape of a terrible giant!

image: Reddit/Z3F

Are they little sloths? No, they are just pain au chocolat!

image: Imgur

My cat sneezes and it seems like it's about to open the doors to another dimension ... how scary!

It looks like an alien invasion but it is actually the reflection of the light fitting in the window!

image: Reddit/fweng

The world will be dominated by dogs!

image: Imgur

Truly one-off coincidences, aren't they?


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