A 67-year-old woman 1.5 m (4' 11") tall takes down a thief in her home: she is a black belt in martial arts - WTVideo.com
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A 67-year-old woman 1.5 m (4' 11") tall…
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A 67-year-old woman 1.5 m (4' 11") tall takes down a thief in her home: she is a black belt in martial arts

By Alison Forde

Sometimes the most courageous and unexpected reactions to the challenges that life presents us with come from people who, at first glance, may seem weaker than others, or perhaps more defenseless. Children and the elderly, above all, might seem to be the weaker ones. 

In reality, however, the facts teach us that an advanced age or a slender build do not necessarily correspond at all with "defects" or weaknesses. Lorenza Marrujo demonstrated this perfectly; the 67-year-old woman just under 1.5m (4' 11") tall, had a bad experience, from which however she managed to come out with her head held high, giving everyone proof that we should never judge a book by its cover.

Being 67 years old and small in stature would certainly not bring to mind the qualities of strength and physical prowess. Especially in the eyes of an attacker, they might decide to rob or confront a person like this thinking that there would be little risk of her reacting with strength. The thief who decided to sneak into Lorenza's apartment, in a retirement complex in Fontana, California, certainly imagined so too.

The woman, however, did not allow herself to be taken by surprise. When she realized she wasn't alone in the apartment, she immediately decided she had to act. Facing up to him head on, she immediately caused the man to run away from her home. Obviously he did not expect to find himself in such a situation.

After leaving Lorenza's apartment, however, the criminal went to the home of her neighbor and friend Elizabeth, 81. There, having met no resistance from this woman, things could have turned out badly, had it not been for the intervention of the brave 67-year-old woman who chased after the intruder to confront him again.


Armed with a baseball bat, she managed to make the thief flee in just a few moves, thus protecting her friend. What is Lorenza's secret? Simple: the woman is a black belt in martial arts, disciplines that she has practiced for 26 years and that have trained her to react to danger in a determined and competent way. The attacker just never expected to find himself faced with a woman so small yet so resolute. There is no denying it: sometimes heroes come in unexpected shapes and sizes!


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