Absurd hairstyles: 17 people who might…
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Absurd hairstyles: 17 people who might be better off changing hairdressers immediately

October 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

We say that the world is beautiful because it is diverse. In fact, it would certainly be a boring place if we all felt the same way or had the same tastes. This variety that enriches us, however, is sometimes also linked to the possibility of finding ourselves faced with situations and people who have decided to get noticed by others by distinguishing themselves in rather conspicuous ways.

We realize it all those times when we see, for example, someone who sports a haircut which it would be an understatement to define as absurd. It is precisely in those moments that we ask ourselves if he - or she - really likes it, or if the hairdresser has enjoyed playing a bad joke ... However, tastes are tastes, even if there are some truly unsurpassable excesses!

1. We hope it's just a passing phase ...

2. No, definitely not the best of looks ...

image: Kkykkx/reddit

3. His hair looks like a single block of plastic ...

4. Does he think he is handsome and fashionable?

image: fewios/reddit

5. When she saw it she wasn't very happy ...


6. Maybe next time, at the hairdresser, it would be better to opt for a more classic cut.

7. A spiky hairstyle!

image: reddit

8. One only wonders how someone can get in this state ...

9. Quite edgy, isn't it?


10. This needs no further comment: the picture speaks for itself.

image: reddit

11. Found on the Instagram channel of one hairdresser: not even the little ones are exempt from absurd hairstyles ...

image: reddit

12. Hair ... in flames!

image: ercohn/reddit

13. Decidedly strange ... good or bad, you decide

14. Impressive to say the least: it keeps the balloons in the air!

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