13 people who are not embarrassed at…
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13 people who are not embarrassed at all by their really bad hairstyles

August 15, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

They say that the right hairstyle can really make the difference in your overall appearance. And it's true, to an extent. Hairstyles should be used as a way to accentuate your facial features... that's why, when you try a new hairstyle, you should make sure it will compliment your features and not hide them. That's why most people go to the hair salon when they want to try out something new, because hairstylists are trained to pick out what styles work best with you. 

This doesn't mean that some hair appointments - or DIY hairstyles - never go wrong. That's why we've put together this particular photo gallery, to show exactly what happens to someone when perhaps they become a little too ambitious with their hair. As you go through the gallery, we're sure you'll have questions you'll want to ask these folks. 

That hair is super impressive, but not in a good way...

Maybe next time go to a hairstylist... these DYI projects never work out like you want them to!

image: bkm007/reddit

Looks kind of like a wig... a really weird wig that only she would wanna wearo

No words, other than what is she thinking???

By the look on her face, she doesn't seem too happy with her hairstylist right now...


If you don't have any, draw them in!

Looks like this little guy isn't very happy with his new look either...


Finally the barber shops opened back up! Maybe he looked better before, though...

This hair can't be real... then I met him and it really is real!

image: Ksheg/reddit

Haircut at home? Maybe he should have given it a second thought...

This look is super unique! Maybe a little too unique...

The cool thing about his hair is that he just decided to do it on a whim

At this point, it's probably just better to shave it all off...

Have you ever fallen victim to a bad haircut? 

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