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A dog abandoned in the street can't…
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A dog abandoned in the street can't leave his favorite blanket

By Alison Forde

New Year New Life. Very often we use this idiom when, at the end of the calendar year, we want something new in our lives, to make a change both inside and out. This often also means getting rid of old things once and for all: clothes, objects, furniture, knick-knacks, and so on and so forth. It is a pity, however, that many families still consider domestic dogs to be objects which can be disposed of all too easily.

via: The Dodo

On New Year's Eve 2019, in the city of Dallas, Maria Tarashevka was walking around her neighborhood, when she met a dog all alone and trembling, soaked and very afraid; the woman tried to get close to him, but the dog drew back in fear, only to get close to her again, but with a dirty blanket between her paws. His human family had abandoned him there, without warning, with only his beloved blanket with him.

Maria could do nothing other than call the Dallas Dog association, which takes care of stray or abandoned dogs. Patti Dawson, a volunteer with the association spoke about the animal's condition: "It was very cold and raining and the dog was lying on this wet blanket and didn't want to leave it. I think she still believed that her family would come back. She was in this frame of mind: "I'll wait here a moment longer."

The poor pit bull was then taken to the Dallas Dog shelter, where she was renamed Camilla; the first few days, however, were not easy, neither for the volunteers nor for the abandoned dog who just couldn't trust anyone: "She curled up in a ball in the far corner of the kennel. We could touch her, but would freeze immediately and didn't want any eye contact, lowering her head. If you got too close to her, she immediately ran to the other side of the kennel."

Not only was she abandoned, but Camilla also had a deep wound on her neck, at collar height: "The vet said that her wound may have been caused by an ingrown collar, which would mean that she was chained up outside. But it could also be that she had a fight with another dog outside."


In the meantime, however, Camilla has found a home to adopt her and give her joy and love, even if it will take some time before the dog regains trust in human beings and heals from the deep emotional wound of abandonment. But we are sure that time will heal this trauma and that Camilla will enjoy a human family full of affection, a family she has been waiting for for a long time!

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