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A 77-year-old grandmother gives a lesson…
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A 77-year-old grandmother gives a lesson to remember to three thieves who were trying to rob her

By Alison Forde

Sometimes we think that people of a certain age are no longer able to have quick and clear reflexes, or to better understand certain concepts, due to the passing of the years and a (presumed) reduced lucidity. In some cases this may be true but, as often happens in life, generalizations are always a bad thing.

There are many people around to prove it: one of them is definitely the 77-year-old English woman we are about to tell you of. What has she done that is so special? Simple: as if her age didn't matter, she managed to get out of a very difficult situation with her head held high, which would have thrown anyone into panic.

Older people always have a lot to teach us, in terms of wisdom, experience and - why not - crime fighting. If you don't believe this last one, dynamic granny Winifred Peel is ready to prove you wrong. For her, it was a day like any other: she had gone out for a walk and to withdraw money at the ATM, when three men approached her with intentions that were anything but kind.

These were clearly robbers who had the clear intention of stealing the cash she was withdrawing, taking advantage of her seniority and therefore of her (presumed) weakness. Too bad for Piper Dumitru, Florin Geblescu and Felix Stoica - already known to the authorities as disreputable characters - that they decided to go up against the wrong person ...

image: Pxhere

The previous day, Winifred had already noticed the three guys following her out of the bank, so she had already begun to suspect something. So when she found herself in this dangerous situation, she decided that she was not about to become the victim of the thieves and that she would give them a lesson to remember. When the three thugs pushed her in an attempt to make her fall and rob her, she was faster than them and grabbed one of them by the collar, hitting his head on the ATM with all her might.

That's right: after taking the guy by surprise, Winifred had time to call the police, getting away from the location of the attempted robbery. The officers, fortunately, managed to capture them and arrest them for what they had done. No doubt about it: this young-at-heart, brave and super-active granny really did better than many other people younger than her could have done in such a difficult situation. And so we must congratulate her and take her as an example!



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