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He divorced his wife and married his…
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He divorced his wife and married his mother-in-law, managing to change an ancient law that forbde it

By Alison Forde

We know this well: in families sometimes the strangest things can happen. Although we think that relationships within our circle of kinship are safe, peaceful and stable, it can happens that right inside the home you witness the most unbelievable stories, just like the one we are about to tell you.

In love it is not always possible to act rationally, it's true, but what Clive Blunden, a 65 year old Englishman, and his mother-in-law did, really makes your eyes roll. The man, in fact, decided to put an end to his 8-year marriage in order to marry his beloved mother-in-law.

That's right: this man, after years of marriage and having two daughters with his ex-wife Irene, decided that he was not meant to be with her and so he asked for and was granted a divorce. Some time later, he began dating Brenda, the mother-in-law. The two discovered that they were in love, even if they were linked by a relationship that was anything but that of a normal couple.

Their romance has been going on since 1985. The two had decided to get married in 1997, but an old English law changed their plans. It was a text from over 500 years earlier, which in fact prevented such a marriage. Clive was even arrested for breaking this law, and since then he has been the leader of a campaign to promote a change in the legislative text.

The revision came in 2005, after the intervention of the European Court, and so in 2007 Brenda and Clive were finally able to formalize their union. It goes without saying that Clive's ex-wife felt as if she had suffered a real betrayal by her husband. The woman no longer has a relationship with her mother, going so far as to declare that she no longer knows her.

The whole family, in fact, were shocked by the relationship between Clive and Brenda. It's not hard to believe it, since their story seems almost straight out of a soap opera. It's really true: the heart cannot be commanded, and this couple prove it!

via: Mirror

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