They recreated photos from their childhood: 15 fun photo comparisons loaded with nostalgia -
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They recreated photos from their childhood:…
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They recreated photos from their childhood: 15 fun photo comparisons loaded with nostalgia

August 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

How lovely it is to look back on old black and white photos or, simply, photos from our childhood? It is a really nice  pastime in most cases, able to bring to mind memories of distant and long gone times. What are your best memories? Christmas lunch, birthdays with friends, an important trip with your parents or graduation day: surely your photo albums are filled with beautiful memories. There is a growing trend on the internet to "re-enact" photos of the past in the present day - a phenomenon that is giving rise to truly entertaining results.

In this list of images, past and present meet again in a series of hilarious photo comparisons.

1. "In the first photo it's me on graduation day, holding my daughter in my arms ... in the second photo it's my daughter who graduated!"

2. "The only thing that has really changed is our sister's size!"


3. "My boyfriend and I found out we were Ninja Turtles fans long before we got together.." - the couple photo was a must!

4. "27 years later ... this was one of the best Christmas presents we gave our mother"

5. "Me and my cousins ... 27 years later"


6. Some things never change!

7. "With my brothers, 25 years later ..."


8. The sense of humor has remained the same over the years!

9. This is true friendship!


10. A young sailor ... who as an adult chose an unexpected path!

11. "We still have that picture at home from when we were little ..."

12. "I found a photo of when I was a kid playing video games ... not much has changed since then"

13. Sisters in Pajamas: 1991 - 2019!

14. "My brother and I: 1990 - 2017!"

15. "In the photo on the left, my grandmother holds my father in her arms in 1966, in the one on the right ... they are still my grandmother and my father!"


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