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13 photos of fantastic dads who take…
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13 photos of fantastic dads who take care of their children in their own way

March 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

A father is a fundamental figure in a child's life and his role has evolved greatly with the passing of the ages. As a parent, as well as the mother, a dad represents the glue in the construction of the child's personality and in the construction of his emotional heritage. Some scholars argue that fatherhood was formed with the birth of a son and, if so, a father would be called immediately to answer for his role and to live it as such. Maybe we always celebrate them too little, but these dads are the ones who would do anything for their children and wish that they would not miss anything. If you look at this photo list you will certainly understand what we mean ..

1. What has to be done, must be done: "I am a single father, I have 4 daughters and if one of them says she wants a Star Wars Princess Party, well ... I can only keep her happy!"

2. A dad who for 45 minutes preferred to remain in this uncomfortable position, to allow his daughter to sleep more comfortably during the trip.


3. This great dad joined in with the fun and for the sake of his daughter he disguised himself as a Marvel character

4. "I am a single father and today my daughter asked me when I would teach her to shave her legs. Today was the first day"

5. "She wanted us to have some pink ... and so it was!"


6. A course to learn how to style your daughter's hair: for all those dads who would like to get closer to their daughters

7. "Being a single father is not easy, but it's always worth it!"


8. "I promised my daughter that I would also donate my hair with her. It took 2 years to grow, but it was worth it!"

9. Whenever she eats fruit or vegetables, Dad lets her stick the product sticker on the door. Look how proud she is!


10. A dad built this cradle with his own hands. It took 60 hours to make it and will be used for 4 months.

11. "My father and brother reproduced a photo of a few years earlier. I would say that not much has changed"

12. "Since my daughter is too young to go to ComiCon, I recreated it in her living room ... so she can admire her idols up close"

13. "The children told me that the donuts I made are better than the ones in the supermarket ... this makes me happy!"


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