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He cheats on his wife while she is in…
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He cheats on his wife while she is in hospital giving birth: the woman decides to ask for a divorce

By Alison Forde

It is not clear why some people behave in a way which is manifestly unfair to their partner. It could be a conscious choice or just an involuntary consequence. Sometimes it is the result of the lack of real feeling, narcissism or even pathological insensitivity; sometimes people just do the "wrong" thing hoping not to get caught. Here is a story about someone who set in train a remarkable series of somewhat questionable actions.

via: Reddit

Recently, the curious story of a new American mother came to light, as she revealed on social media about how her husband had failed in his duties, in one of the worst possible ways. For some time the man had been establishing a strong emotional bond with his wife's best friend. One evening he received a phone call: it was the friend who asked him to accompany her to the hospital because her brother had had a bad accident. 

The man got dressed and left immediately, quickly explaining the emergency. Without hesitation, he left his pregnant wife who, among other things, was close to giving birth. As fate would have it, a few hours later she went into labor: the woman tried to contact her husband but to no avail. Eventually she had her father accompany her to the clinic. After numerous attempts the husband eventually answered the phone, but the wife was already in the process of giving birth to their baby girl. Whatever he did, he would still be late for the birth of his first daughter.

The man finally showed up five hours later. His furious wife let him know that he would only be able to see his child at the grandfather's house and that she would be filing for a divorce. He then began to yell, in tears, saying that her friend needed him at a terrible time.

The woman did not want to hear the reasons; her husband was not there when she needed him, and no excuse would have been adequate. With a cool head, she rethought what happened, as now the new father could only see his baby for a couple of hours a day. She felt like a horrible person and began to wonder if she had been over the top in her reaction, so she described the story on social media and received tons of comments from people who supported practically all her reasoning. 

A few days later the woman called her friend's brother to find out how he was after the accident, and thus she discovered that the truth was even more terrible than she had imagined. The accident was actually less serious than what had been said. In addition, the husband had told others that they had broken up in the seventh month of the pregnancy, and had presented himself at the hospital as the new boyfriend of the "famous friend". The couple obviously ended up separating for good.

The epilogue of the story leaves a bitter taste in the mouth and it is difficult to find a real moral. Perhaps one of the many possible interpretations is that we must never underestimate alarm bells; when a partner commits serious failings, one must be able to accept that that story has really come to an end.



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