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11 girls who have decided to "cut" monotony…
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11 girls who have decided to "cut" monotony by sporting wonderful short hair

August 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sometimes in life we are faced with radical choices, which at first, perhaps, make us a little scared, but which then turn out to be the right thing and very successful. We don't always manage to be satisfied with our look, and we know that one of the first rules to please others is, first of all, to please ourselves.

Thus, the decision becomes drastic and necessary: what to change in our appearance to see ourselves in a better way? The first thing is, without a doubt, the hair. With cuts and hairstyles we are really spoiled for choice. Here we have decided to show you some photos of girls who wanted to "cut" the monotony and have decided to shorten their hair, changing their look in a decisive way and becoming more "breezy" and less "classic". What do you think of the results? Have they been brave?

1. With a good cut, everything changes!

2. From the smile she seems very happy with her choice


3. From a classic look to a much more modern and youthful look

4. Too much red? No problem: cut it!

5. It may not seem like it, but it's the same person!


6. Delicious before and after, but with short hair she certainly has an edge!

7. A change that is as radical as it is fitting!


8. The joy of finally having had the courage to change everything!

9. It looks like a different person, but in fact it's her, in a whole new guise!


10. This cut has certainly rejuvenated her by many years!

11. A change was needed! And so, she cut it all off!

 What do you think? Did they do well to make the cut and radically change their look? Did they inspire you to do the same?

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