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16 women who, after the age of 40, wanted…
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16 women who, after the age of 40, wanted to cut their hair short to maintain a more youthful look

November 25, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you reach a certain age, you feel the need to continue to feel "young", especially aesthetically, using various tricks that include the judicious use of make-up and a haircut that enhances the natural shape of your face. In any case, it is clear that everyone can do what they want, since there are no fixed rules. Certainly, however, many stylists and hairdressers agree that short cuts are the ones that "rejuvenate the most". There is nothing wrong with wearing long hair, but be aware that it could really make you look a few years older. Women over 40, more and more frequently, are convinced to cut their long hair and choose a decidedly shorter cut. The important thing is always to choose on the basis of what enhances your features the most, without focusing on passing "fashion" fads. Here, we offer you some ideas, in case you are tempted to change your look:

1. A short, elegant cut with an ice blond color!

2. A cut that gives her a much more youthful and lively look


3. Perfect cut and color!

4. An big change of look for this lady!

5. Very elegant!


6. Much better, don't you think?

7. The great Russian actress and model Elena Metelkina has perfected her look with a very refined cut and make-up!


8. Perhaps she has found the right look for her!

9. A true Queen!


10. Actress Judi Dench is the queen of short hair!

11. Jamie Lee Curtis also knows how to wear short hair!

12. Definitely more youthful!

13. Always very elegant

image: Pinterest

14. An adorable cut

15. A classic and very effective cut!

16. BONUS: She sure had the courage to be daring: well done grandma!

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