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A young man attends the birth but is…
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A young man attends the birth but is ashamed of his partner: "stop screaming, you are embarrassing me"

August 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are situations in which, if we do not know what the people around us feel, it is often better to keep quiet, especially if they are people who are not having a good time. Childbirth is certainly one of these situations; a wonderful experience, because it marks the moment in which a new baby is born, but, at the same time, a real experience of physical pain felt by women who are about to become mothers. .

And when it happens, it is beautiful that partners and husbands can help out at this natural event. Think, however, if one of them, just at the moment when the girl or the woman in question is suffering in extremis to give birth, dared to criticize her harshly, even feeling embarrassed about what was happening. If you think it is impossible, reading the story we are about to tell, you will unfortunately be forced to change your mind.

A new mother told of the unpleasant episode on Reddit. She and her boyfriend, both in their twenties, had been together for about a year, but the pregnancy, instead of bringing them closer and filling them with joy, seems to have done the worst - at least as far as the father is concerned. When his girlfriend gave birth, naturally, he was there the whole time.

The pain, for her, was not mild. There was no lack of screaming and suffering, as can happen at times like that. The love and closeness of a loved one, however, should give comfort and improve the situation, even if only with their presence. Instead this guy has seen fit to whisper several times to his partner things like "can you stop screaming? Are you embarrassing me", accompanied by completely vulgar and out of place criticisms of her and how she was behaving.


If, at this point, you are rather shaken by what you have read, know that you are not alone. The story told by the young woman has stirred up a real discussion, with many comments of support to the young mother and as many people who encouraged her to leave her boyfriend as soon as possible, or at least to re-evaluate the relationship with him. A father who behaves like this in the delivery room, not understanding at all what his child's mother is going through at that moment, certainly does not bode well for the future ...

We can well say, in fact, that this young man did and said everything he shouldn't have done or said at that juncture. Covering one's face in shame is also a shameful gesture. The woman, very angrily, publicised her distress and reported that, in the following days, he denied everything. In short: a negative attitude, certainly not to be condoned, that no father should ever have in those circumstances. All that remains is to wish that this couple can clarify the situation, and to hope that the father really understands what is right and what is wrong.


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