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12 pet dogs that demonstrated their…
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12 pet dogs that demonstrated their love for their owners in the sweetest ways possible

By Cylia Queen

Whoever has a dog in their possession knows exactly what we're talking about when we say they are the best at loving us. Obviously, they are also a lot of work (we have to water/feed them, discipline them, and take them to the vet), but our four-legged friends know just how to repay us for all that we do for them. How many times have they made our bad days better, or just made us feel loved and appreciated when we weren't feeling good about ourselves? Let's face it, dogs can make any situation better, and here are 12 photos that prove it!

When your dog lets you know who he trusts in the most...

My dog isn't use to me being home so much, that's why he keeps having this puzzled look on his face...


This golden retriever is hugging every New Yorker that he passes... to him, they all could use some TLC

His name is Eclipse and every morning he takes the bus to his doggy day care center... he even has a bus pass!

This dog must be thrilled he gets to wear his owner's hat.


Do we not deserve cuddles and hugs from our furry friends?

We even have an office dog and he chose to visit me today!


He's been outside all day complaining about how I won't open the door and give him attention: he knows how to get people's attention!

Ready to be the best man at my wedding, Fido?

image: Unknown/Imgur

They love him so much... it's that smile they find irresistible!

It's the look on his face when he sees I'm sad... those big eyes have a way of making me feel so much better!

How could you not be having a good time when you got the life of the party sitting beside you???

One thing's for sure, living with a dog makes sure fills up some of the monotony in your life!

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