This makeup artist shows her clients small tricks that drastically improve their look -
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This makeup artist shows her clients…
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This makeup artist shows her clients small tricks that drastically improve their look

August 06, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

How many times have you spent hours in front of the mirror fixing your hair and putting on makeup only to find that you're still not satisfied with your look? This is a problem that most women come across at least once in their life, and there is at least one woman out there looking to help. Julia Ismailova is a makeup and nail artist from Russia, and she has made it her mission to help women, old and young alike, find their perfect look. 

Julia became web-famous after posting a few of her clients' makeup transformations online. Careful, though. She doesn't do the usual "ugly duckling" transformations like other makeup artists. She's more interested in helping regular women learn small tricks on how to accentuate their best features. The results, however, are almost as shocking. 

Julia is so popular for this reason: she's able to bring out the best features in every woman she applies makeup to...


Julia starts off with a client's simple request and then implements it into whatever ideas she might have

To sum it up, Julia doesn't take away from the ideas of her clients... she merely makes them better...

She usually takes the makeup that the client is already wearing and adds in whatever detail she feels is missing with her quick and easy makeup strategies


She claims that these application strategies are very simple, but they are apparently very effective!

It's weird how even parting your hair in a difference way can make a big change in your appearance...


Just look at what that splash of red lipstick can do to this girl's look!

It's amazing how even the slightest change in eyebrow color can lighten up a person's face!


Good-bye harsh eyeliner, and say hello to that natural glimmer!

It's seriously doesn't take that much to give these women a whole new look!

Just take a look at these small changes that Julia made... but they really made the difference!

She's able to satisfy anyone's request!

Her work has become so popular on social media that her clientele has grown exponentially!

No woman's look is too challenging for Julia... she brings out the beauty in everyone!

Try her for yourself if you still don't believe us!

Here's her official Instagram page if you'd like to check out more of her work:  Instagram.

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