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A woman scatters the ashes of her beloved…
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A woman scatters the ashes of her beloved dog in her favorite park: his figure appears to appear in the photo

By Alison Forde

Losing a dog that we loved and cared for with all our hearts is a devastating experience, but the thought that these incredible animals always keep an eye on us from above helps to relieve pain. A feeling of enormous suffering, however, was mixed with comfort for Ashley Lang, the human mistress of Wagner, when she decided to scatter the ashes of her beloved dog in the park. What happened after left the woman stunned.

While Ashley was scattering the ashes of her beloved Wagner, she captured an image that is truly incredible. The ashes scattered in the dog's favorite place, a part of the park where Ashley and her four-legged friend spent beautiful moments of play, took on the appearance and shape of a dog for a few seconds!

It was an image that was promptly published by Ashley on her Twitter profile and that immediately went around the web, generating amazement and emotion.

To the disbelief of Wagner's mistress, that captured image that looked so much like the outline of her beloved deceased dog as to convince her that her beloved four-legged friend was truly an angel. An angel who, when he was alive, watched over her day and night, and who will continue to do even now, beyond the rainbow bridge.

Farewell, dear Wagner!


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