She loses more than 60 kg and gets in shape after coming out of a toxic relationship: she is now a new woman -
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She loses more than 60 kg and gets in…
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She loses more than 60 kg and gets in shape after coming out of a toxic relationship: she is now a new woman

June 09, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Having the wrong person by your side can be extremely dangerous in terms of health. Both mental and physical health are affected. Jade Socoby knows this well: after years "stuck" in a toxic relationship, she decided to move away to protect her health and return to being a happy girl. Dissatisfaction with her violent and unhappy relationship led the 28-year-old girl to take refuge in food. In the darkest moments of her life, Jade weighed 145 kg! Her transformation towards a life of well-being began slowly, slowly, starting from her emotions and her bank account, which her ex had cleaned out; only after taking the reins of her life in her hand did Jade manage to transform her body.

Jade suffered a lot in the course of her relationship and returning home, with a broken heart and a body weighed down by too much food in which she had taken refuge, was not easy. But it helped her save her life. After doing a bit of mental work, she started daily physical exercises thanks to the help of her brother and began to move away from her unhealthy past, day after day, and to rebuild a better and healthier routine. She faced her addiction to food and when she started seeing the first changes, she wanted to continue her path towards well-being more and more.

During her mental and physical journey, Jade learned discipline and how not to be discouraged. In the end, she managed to lose over 65 kg and get a truly enviable physique.

Jade knows that changes are not easy to deal with, but she strongly believes in the individual's willpower and adds: "If I did it, anyone can do it!"


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