Molly, the 21-month-old girl who has beaten advanced cancer after over a year of treatment -
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Molly, the 21-month-old girl who has…
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Molly, the 21-month-old girl who has beaten advanced cancer after over a year of treatment

By Alison Forde

There are stories that, for everyone, manage to be beautiful sources of inspiration, motivation and hope. We could not describe in any other way also what we are about to tell you, which has as its heroine a 21-month-old girl who was diagnosed with a very serious pathology.

From her terrible story, however, the little girl managed to emerge, embodying a living model of courage, strength and faith, precious for many children and many families who fight against diseases of this type.

via: WKBO

Her name is Molly Hughes and, according to her mother Chelsea, when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2017, it was a terrible blow. It is not difficult to believe it: in fact, think of the tragic situation in which such a small girl is discovered to have a tumor that, according to statistics, has a survival rate of about 50%.

The treatment of patients, especially those so small, largely depends on the stage at which neuroblastoma is discovered. In Molly's case, the situation was not at all simple, since it was a "stage 4", already particularly advanced. In these cases, the treatment is very difficult and invasive, and so, unfortunately, it was also the case for Molly. The terrible disease had spread to much of her small body when she began to undergo medical treatment.

For 15 long months, the baby girl spent a total of 130 days in the hospital, where she received stem cell transplants, radiation therapy, immunotherapy and of course chemotherapy. A huge effort for the little girl, which nevertheless paid off. Molly, in fact, behaved like a real battler, a girl who can face even the most complicated situations.

The multiple treatments even caused Molly to lose a significant level of hearing, which is why she will have to wear hearing aids. All this, however, went into the background when the mother announced that her daughter had had a marked improvement: the neuroblastoma, thanks to the therapies, had gone into remission, and this brought immense joy to the family.


Although there are high risks of relapse and Molly will still have to take care, this child has shown courage and tenacity that many people, in her place, would not have had. Calling her a warrior is therefore an understatement: she is a true heroine, a source of positivity to whom all that remains is to wish all the best.


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