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A dog loses his owner and gets on the…
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A dog loses his owner and gets on the bus everyday hoping he'll eventually find him

May 17, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

We all know that dogs are one of the most faithful pets a human can have. Although they may start out as just a furry companion to keep you company, dogs prove time and time again how much they love and care about their owners. This is why it can be heartbreaking when we encounter a dog who has either lost his family or has been abandoned by one. 

One dog we have found ourselves sympathizing with lately is a golden lab mix that's been spotted on the same bus for several days. The dog apparently lost sight of his master, and has been searching for him ever since, asking anyone for help that may know where his owner is. 

It's not everyday that a dog is spotted on the bus, let alone one that is seen traveling without his owner. This dog has been travelling so frequently on the same bus that people have started taking pictures of him and sharing them on their social network profiles in order to help him find his owner. 

Luckily, people sharing photos of the dog worked! The dog's owner, Ale Nolli Vargas, saw pictures of his lost dog posted on facebook and was able to find his dog asking people to message him directly if/when they saw Gringo, his dog again. 


The man even asked the people who took photos of Gringo to take him home with them, so that he could come and pick him up at their house. In the end, Gringo and Ale were reunited thanks to a community of social networkers. It's stories like this one that shines a light on the positive side of social media, one that is capable of reuniting lost pets to their owners and much more. We hope that Gringo won't have to ever rely on social media again to reunite him with his owner, but it's there in case he will ever need it! 

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