A brave teenager rescued a 15-month-old…
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A brave teenager rescued a 15-month-old boy who risked drowning in the freezing waters of a canal

May 16, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Fortunately, heroism does not go hand in hand with an individual's age and Ryley Ferguson, a 15-year-old English boy, has amply demonstrated this. Ryley was taking his dogs for a quiet walk when, suddenly, he saw a little boy walking on the opposite side of the canal where he was walking. When the situation took a bad turn, the young man did not think twice about throwing himself into those icy waters to save the little one. In the end, everything went smoothly and Ryley was hailed as a true local hero. On the other hand, it is not for everyone to save a human life!

It is probably the nightmare of every mom and every parent: one minute your child is sitting next to you playing quietly and the instant after you have completely lost sight of him. This is what must have happened to Rebecca Hampton, 33 years old and single mother of little Reggie; when her son was out of sight for 2 minutes, the world collapsed on her and she started screaming in fright. Little Reggie had somehow managed to sneak out and dangerously approach the nearby canal. It was fortunate that Ryley was around. 

Knottingley has a new HERO. RYLEY FERGUSON from The Ridgeway. While walking the canal today RYLEY witnessed an...

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The young man claims to have been fairly calm during the rescue, even if the water was freezing cold and his heart was beating faster than normal. The important thing for him was to save the child - if he had intervened even 30 seconds later, he probably would not have been able to bring him to safety! The real problem arose when he was trying to climb out, because the young man could not support the weight of the child and get out of the water. Fortunately, two men intervened and helped him out as he was he shouting and asking for help. Little Reggie burst into tears when he emerged from danger, but immediately calmed down when the young boy picked him up. Rebecca, Reggie's mom, was delighted to be able to hug her son again and now the two families share a special bond that will be difficult to forget.


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