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A 3-year-old boy rescues his elderly…
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A 3-year-old boy rescues his elderly neighbor who was accidentally trapped in the basement for 3 days

May 21, 2020 • By Alison Forde

At just 3 years old, Eyas Tran is already a little hero acclaimed by the police for saving the life of an elderly woman who had been accidentally trapped in her basement for three days. When you are just a 3 year old boy, curious and willing to bring the newspaper to the elderly people in the neighborhood, on the bicycle you have just learned to ride, it is as if you were experiencing a great adventure. Little Eyas proved extremely intelligent and proactive in this story which, had it not been for his timely intervention, would probably have taken a bad turn.

via: CBS Boston

Eyas was quietly strolling with his family around the neighborhood when he spotted an abandoned newspaper in front of the door of his elderly neighbor Peggy. The child immediately felt the need to deliver the newspaper to his beloved neighbor! Paying a little more attention, however, the little boy noticed that it was not a single newspaper that was left unattended and never read, but three. Eyas then started knocking on Peggy's door, eager to give her all the newspapers that had been left lying until then.

However, no reply came from Peggy's house. Eyas' mom knew there was something strange about the whole thing, also because Peggy's car was carefully parked in the garage. Once the police were called, the mystery was solved: Peggy had been trapped in the basement and had been in that state for at least 3 days! Poor Peggy had accidentally locked herself in, in what seemed to be the classic accident in which the door closes behind us without warning and we have not thought in the least about taking the key with us.

Police said little Eyas' intervention was timely and that if he had waited longer, Peggy probably wouldn't have been able to hold out in that "prison" for any longer. Fortunately, in the end, everything went the right way!


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