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Waiting to be adopted, this 1-year-old…
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Waiting to be adopted, this 1-year-old pit bull "rolled up" the covers of his bed by himself

By Alison Forde

You have no idea how frustrating and painful it can be for a homeless dog, without a human family to cuddle and shower him with love, living in an animal shelter. Of course, the volunteers and all the local staff do everything necessary to make the everyday life of these stray or abandoned puppies more comfortable, but very often the wait for an adoption is not enough, and time seems to go on and on painfully.

via: The Dodo
image: SICSA/YouTube

 The dog protagonist of this story is called Rush and at the time he was 1 year old and had been in the SICSA shelter in Ohio in the United States for many months, waiting to be adopted by a loving human family. This tender little dog had however already conquered the heart of all the volunteers for an apparently innocuous characteristic: the poor little dog waiting for adoption every evening rolled up the covers of his improvised bed ...

This touching habit did not go unnoticed by the SICSA volunteers of Ohio, who captured the moving gesture of this 1 year old pitbull in this video that immediately went around the web!

image: SICSA/YouTube

Rush, the 1-year-old pitbull who rolled up his dog bed every night, was eventually adopted by a human family who were literally captivated by his cute eyes, and now we are sure that Rush will roll up the sheets of his warm and comfortable bed ... under a roof full of love and affection! 

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