This poor abandoned dog waited for his human family to come back every day on the same porch -
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This poor abandoned dog waited for his…
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This poor abandoned dog waited for his human family to come back every day on the same porch


A pet dog should never experience the terrible experience of being rejected and abandoned by its family.

In fact, no type of animal or living being on this earth should be left alone. Nevertheless, the problem of abandoning pets exists and has become increasingly urgent and worrying.

Dogs who are left on the streets and the danger that entails are increasing in number, as well as stories related to four-legged friends who are trying in every way to not forget and reconnect with their human family.

A case in point is what happened in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to a poor male dog that wandered and hung around for days near the porch of his human family that had moved away and left him behind.
What the neighbors had noticed, before calling the animal rescue services at the Speranza Animal Rescue refuge, was that this dog would not let anyone take him away—and that he never left the porch of the now empty house ...
When the volunteers at the Speranza Animal Rescue approached the dog, whose name they discovered was Cupid, he was very agitated and did not want to be rescued and taken away from the only home he had ever known.
In fact, Cupid continued to bark and whine, frenetically scratching with his paws on the door of the house almost to urge the volunteers to open the door and let him back in. But no one from within had responded to him for days ...
However, after a few more moments of hesitation, finally, Cupid let himself be taken by the volunteers to the refuge center. Now Cupid has finally found a new home, albeit temporary.
In the end, it turned out that Cupid had most likely been voluntarily abandoned there, just before his human family had moved permanently from their house in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
In any case, now Cupid is no longer a poor abandoned dog because he has all the care and affection he deserves at the Speranza Animal Rescue as he waits for a new family to take the opportunity to adopt him!
And we sincerely hope that on the new porch of his new home, he will never find the door closed, so that he can always enter - feeling forever wanted and loved!
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