This 107-year-old man still drives his red Mercedes convertible and has no intention of quitting -
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This 107-year-old man still drives his…
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This 107-year-old man still drives his red Mercedes convertible and has no intention of quitting


Who said that becoming elderly must necessarily be linked to a reduced ability to perform daily actions in a safe, correct, and efficient way?

Often, when thinking of the elderly, many believe that they cannot do certain things, such as driving.

Certainly, it is true that as the years go by, reflexes slow down, the ability to make quick decisions decreases, and perhaps the sense of insecurity and fear increases.

Moreover, many elderly people can readily testify to this. But, as in all things, this perception should not be generalized, and the elderly man we are going to talk to you about demonstrates this!

In fact, Joe Newman is an expert driver who, at the age of 107 years with his life-long experience, has no intention of giving up driving—or even slowing down!


Would you ever expect to see a beautiful red Mercedes convertible on the road driven by ... an elderly man who is 107 years old? Probably not, and it would be completely understandable.

Instead, the citizens who live in Sarasota, Florida often witness and admire such a scene.

In fact, through the streets of the American coastal town, Joe Newman, the brilliant and energetic 107-year-old great-grandfather, travels the streets freely with the wind blowing in his hair, driving his red Mercedes convertible!

That's right! And although Joe has already passed his 100th birthday by seven years now, he still has absolutely no intention of stopping or even slowing down!

Unlike other people who have reached his venerated age, physical aging has not prevented him from continuing to sit behind the wheel and enjoy driving his red Mercedes convertible!


It should also be highlighted that when Joe drives he is attentive, precise, and respectful of the traffic rules and road signs.

In fact, perhaps he drives even better than many 70-year-olds that are now in circulation!

Certainly, Joe does not take long road trips, but he never stops driving—and taking his partner Anita, who is also almost 100 years old—for a spin in his red Mercedes convertible!

In fact, it is the cheerful and carefree nature and very strong character of this man, that have in all probability, allowed him to continue enjoying his senior years.

For him, in fact, the secret to living for so long is simply to "keep breathing." In fact, age should never be a limit to our personal desires and happiness.

We wish Joe all the best and may he continue to drive for many more miles in his red Mercedes convertible!


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