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Her owner abandoned her because she…
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Her owner abandoned her because she is too "clingy" but now this dog has found a new family


Usually, those who decide to bring a pet into their life is because they experience great joy in taking care of a pet and in giving and receiving that infinite love that characterizes such a relationship.

Take a dog's love, for example—it will pay you back with affection and loyalty every day of your life.

Usually, that is exactly what many people look for in a pet.

Still, one man, in particular, decided that all that "love and affection" was far too much for him!

Therefore, after adopting a sweet little female dog named Jubilee, he got rid of her shortly after, because he was tired of always having her under his feet!

Consequently, the man went to the nearest animal shelter and asked them to take the dog explaining that the problem was certainly not the fact that Jubilee was aggressive ... but that the dog would not leave him alone for a minute!

In addition, Jubilee's owner had also had other problems with his dog. As a matter of fact, within a year, the dog had practically destroyed the sofa, baseboards, pillow cushions, and many other things—by constantly chewing on them!

Obviously, Jubilee's owner had not done much to train her and such negligence had cost him dearly.

In any case, the animal shelter had immediately shared Jubilee's poignant story on social media platforms, capturing the attention of millions of American users.

Within a very short time, the requests for adoption for the dog had multiplied. In the end, after careful analysis, the animal shelter volunteers found the perfect "mom" for Jubilee, namely, a woman named Samantha Fewox.


Fortunately, despite being abandoned, Jubilee had not lost a single bit of her loving nature. When she arrived at the house of her new family, she immediately ran enthusiastically to greet Samantha's son.

Although many may blame the original owner, criticizing him for his heartless gesture, Samantha, instead,  thanked him, because without his seemingly extreme decision she would never have been able to adopt Jubilee.

Furthermore, even if it seems like the gesture of an insensitive person, dealing with a dog that has separation anxiety is not easy.

Now, what helps Jubilee to have less separation anxiety when the whole family is not at home is having two other four-legged playmates!

And this lucky dog could not have asked for anything more!

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