Some home remedies that can help whiten your teeth naturally -
Some home remedies that can help whiten…
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Some home remedies that can help whiten your teeth naturally

March 11, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who wants to have a dazzling smile and white teeth to show in every photo, knows that all this has a price - a price that is also quite hard to swallow if you consider the high costs of the dentist. You pay for quality, it's normal. We want to remind you, however, that there are also many natural methods for teeth whitening, which represent valid alternatives to chemical bleaching, or the professional whitening performed by the dentist with hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, before trying one of these remedies on your teeth, we strongly recommend that you visit your dentist for further suggestions. Especially if you have caries or other problems to solve, contact a professional dentist first.

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1. Ginger, salt and lemon. Grate a piece of ginger and add 1/4 teaspoon salt. Then cut a slice of lemon and add a little of its juice to the mix of salt and ginger. Put everything on the toothbrush and brush your teeth with this natural mix. 

2. Baking soda. Probably one of the most known and used remedies. If you add a little water to the baking soda, you will get a kind of toothpaste paste with a whitening action. By adding a little lemon to the baking soda, you will strengthen the whitening effect. Remember to rinse your teeth very well when finished. Although it is a natural remedy, you should not overdo the quantity or use this remedy too frequently; even if baking soda makes the teeth white and shiny, removing any type of stain, it can also ruin the dental enamel.

3. Sage. You can rub a sage leaf directly on to the teeth (or prepare a sage-based toothpaste). The use of sage whitens the teeth, delivers a moderate antibacterial effect and is also a discreet remedy for halitosis. As always, don't use too frequently - 2 times a week is more than enough.

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4. Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is probably the whitening substance par excellence, but it must be used with care and taking many precautions. First of all, it must be considered an occasional whitening method, not to be repeated several times. Additionally the risk of using this method lies in the fact that one must be very careful not to ingest hydrogen peroxide once we use it. At the end of the process, rinse your mouth thoroughly.

5. Aarak root. It is an historical remedy for cleaning teeth, which the Ancient Egyptians and Babylonians used extensively. The root can be found in specialized herbalists and usually comes in the form of a stick which must be rubbed on the teeth. It is a remedy with an excellent whitening effect, which also performs an antiseptic action. However, excessive rubbing could be abrasive and damage the tooth enamel.


Each of these natural remedies has its pros and cons that must be evaluated thoroughly, in order not to damage the tooth enamel and the sensitivity of the teeth and gums. Always consult your dentist before trying any home remedies. 

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