She returns home after 8 months of military training and at first, her dog seems to no longer recognize her -
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She returns home after 8 months of military…
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She returns home after 8 months of military training and at first, her dog seems to no longer recognize her


Janna Berger had to report for military training that would take her away from home for eight months.

Among the most touching goodbyes, that she had had to say, in addition to her friends and relatives, was saying goodbye to her faithful male dog, Murphy

During her 8-month absence, her little four-legged friend Murphy had been entrusted to Janna's family.

And according to their story, in the 8 months that she had been away from home, Murphy had waited every night for his owner to return home outside out of her bedroom.

via: The Dodo

Fast forward— and eight months later, Janna has finished her military training and finally returns home!

Naturally, her return home was filmed by the Berger family, and among the most exciting and at the same time moving moments of the video, there is that of the embrace between Janna and her faithful dog Murphy!

However, at least at the beginning, Murphy did not seem to have been so ...faithful.

In fact, when Janna finally back at home but still dressed in her a military uniform, catches Murphy's gaze and calls him to her... he only stares at her!

At first, the dog seems perplexed and to almost no longer recognize her ... But when Janna takes off her military cap—then it almost seems that a light bulb is turned on inside Murphy's head ... it's her! Janna!


Murphy immediately throws himself into Janna's arms and licks her face constantly, barking, and whining with joy and happiness. A hug that had been ardently desired for eight months, and was worth every moment of waiting!

In a Dodo interview, Janna Berger said, "I had no idea Murphy would react the way he did! When he didn't recognize me at first, my heart was broken. The happiest moment of my life was when he finally understood that it was me."

A reunion of two souls and two hearts that has literally touched everyone with this display of love and tenderness!

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