This young woman only adopts older dogs from kennels, giving them affection and warmth in their last period of life -
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This young woman only adopts older dogs…
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This young woman only adopts older dogs from kennels, giving them affection and warmth in their last period of life

February 15, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Taking care of a dog is much more than just feeding it and taking it out for a daily walk. Having one of these four-legged friends by your side means considering and appreciating them as a real family member.

The reason is easy enough to explain. Dogs, in particular, are animals that need this emotional connection more than other animals since they are able to establish a bond of empathy with humans that is simply unique.

For this reason, when pets find themselves in animal shelters or dog kennels, it is always difficult for them to find true affection, stability, and tranquility.

This is especially true for the elderly or sick dogs—and it is truly sad to think that they will spend their last days in an environment that, for them, is completely unfamiliar.

However, in Italy, there is a young woman who being particularly moved by this situation has decided to do her best to help these older and sick dogs.

via: Today
Her name is Debora Rizzo and she is a volunteer who, in order to provide special and unique care for dogs that have reached an advanced age, has decided to adopt only elderly dogs from Italian animal shelters and kennels.
This 30-year-old young woman is a true dog lover, and for years she has been working as a volunteer in the various structures and organizations that take care of homeless animals in Italy.
In fact, older dogs are the ones that generally no one wants to adopt, but not Debora. In fact, the young woman does not prefer puppies but instead, she wants to take care of the older and often ill dogs.
Moreover, when Deborah can, she takes an elderly dog home with her, as she did for example with Nike, a 14-year-old female dog who stayed with her for about a month before the dog passed away.
Certainly, it was a short period and not a very happy situation, but one that Debora, thanks to her beautiful gesture, was able to improve, giving the animal a little serenity in its last days.
And after Nike, there have been many more. And just like elderly people, the older dogs that Deborah takes into her home have well-marked character traits, which when possible she always tries to respect.
Of course, all of these elderly dogs has a different life story behind them, and when they pass away, certainly, there is no lack of pain or sorrow regarding their death.
However, Debora takes comfort in knowing that she personally has done everything she could to give each of them truly memorable days and months full of love before they passed away.

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