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20 photos in which rescued and adopted…
This dog goes crazy with joy when he realizes he has just been adopted  This cat shows up at the home of a little boy whose cat had just died and it is love at first sight

20 photos in which rescued and adopted dogs and cats express love and gratitude for their new life


By now, more and more people have acquired the good habit of turning to kennels and animal shelters, when they feel ready to finally take a very big step, that is to say—adopt a pet!

Whether it is a dog or a cat, it does not matter - what matters is to give new hope for the future to those poor creatures who look at you imploringly from inside a cage.

If you decide that the time has come to open the doors of your home and your heart to welcome a pet, then it would be an excellent idea to contact the animal association or shelter closest to the area where you live.

In this way, you will not only help an animal in difficulty but also the animal shelter, which will, consequently, have more space and funds to continue providing important services such as sterilization, for other animals in need.

In the following photos, you will see all the tender affection and gratitude of these animals that had waited a long time before they finally secured the love and safety of a family.

1. The time I saved a male kitten from the street and my female cat started cuddling and hugging him!

2. My friend has just adopted a dog ... and they are perfect together!


3. We adopted an 11-year-old tomcat from a Chicago animal shelter. Between him and my 13-year-old daughter it was love at first sight. This photo was taken after she had just come back home from a week at summer camp!

4. The tomcat I saved some time ago is now reassuring the little male puppy I have just adopted ... he is telling him that everything will be fine and that he has arrived in a house full of love!

5. Today, I adopted two kittens, nearly eight weeks old. They are brothers! At first, I had applied for only one, but when I received the phone call in which they confirmed the adoption, I was asked if I wanted to adopt the two kittens together because the people who were supposed to take the baby brother had changed their minds. I present to you—Kingston and Derby!


6. Rescued from the street and taken to the vet ... this dog's look of love says it all.

7. Jubilee, a somewhat curious-looking Husky, has finally been adopted!


8. Karen and Kevin have been adopted ... and not purchased!

image: trickocereus

9. On the way back home after being adopted. "Like owner, like dog!"...


10. The way my new puppy dog looked at me all the way home melted my heart.

11. I adopted her two weeks ago from an animal refuge. I believe she is really happy that I chose her...

12. We adopted an Australian Shepherd dog that had been abused to keep our dog company. Now the two male dogs have become inseparable buddies!

13. Here we present Ruger! We rescued him in August after someone had left him in a box on the street. Now, the thought that he might not have survived makes my heartbreak.

14. I adopted this little guy a week ago. He was afraid of everything, but he decided to trust me. And this photo was taken four days later!

15. I adopted this elderly 11-year-old tomcat. And the animal refuge volunteer had warned me that he was a hyperactive cat and that it would be difficult to get him to settle down. Guess what?! Now, he has become my shadow!

16. I adopted this guy yesterday and I couldn't be happier. His name is Moose!

17. I rescued this male puppy from the street. This is his first nap with me after a bath and a tasty meal.

image: syndragon1

18. We saved him when he was just two weeks old. Now, he thinks I'm his mom.

image: Reddit

19. Today, I adopted this soft little "butter bun".

image: Reddit

20. Now, that he has been adopted, this lucky cat clearly feels like he is in seventh heaven!

image: Reddit

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