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14 photos that show what it is like…
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14 photos that show what it is like to work in an animal shelter


Unfortunately, animal shelters are often very crowded and, especially at certain times of the year, the situation can become critical.

In summer, it often happens that puppies and animals of all kinds are abandoned to allow owners and their families to enjoy long, carefree vacations "without any problems".

Consequently, sometimes animal shelters, are not always the best solution for a dog or cat that has been abandoned and is without a family to look after it.

However, fortunately, there are people who work in most of these structures as volunteers, that have hearts of gold.

In these 14 photos, we would like to show you what it means to work in an animal shelter and maybe, who knows, this will encourage you to take a similar path or simply to adopt an animal in need of care and affection.

1. Attention, this is not a burrito to eat, but a sweet kitten to love!

2. Contrary to what has been said in many fairy tales; there certainly are nice wolves that are very friendly.


3. Eat and sleep! It looks like this puppy has already learned everything about life!

4. "This little cutie is why I love volunteering!"

5. "Here is one of our dogs dressed up as a banana."


6. His name is Armand. Armand loves to eat lettuce.

7. Often, it is hard for these cats to separate reality from illusion!


8. “This is my first day as a volunteer in the animal shelter. I think I might really like working here."

9. This "fat cat" weighs over 22 lb (10 kg) and is absolutely adorable.


10. A little kitten after hungrily eating its first solid meal.

11. Unfortunately, this little puppy has been turned away from its litter and is now looking for a friend to cuddle ...

12. Look! It's Sid the Sloth from "Ice Age".

13. A match made in heaven!

14. How nice it is to eat outside in the park!


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