This man left his job as a security…
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This man left his job as a security guard to learn how to give manicures to overcome his depression

December 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

While living in a technologically advanced age, in which we as homo sapiens have up to now demonstrated the maximum expression of our intelligence, we still can encounter old-fashioned prejudices without any foundation, such as the division between male and female professions.

There are stories like that of Robson Aparecido Barbosa that make the boundary between jobs for women and for men more nuanced and reveal how keeping an open mind can clearly improve the quality of one's life.

This man, in fact, managed to get out of the tunnel of depression leaving his job as a security guard, which is generally considered to be a more "masculine" job and devoting himself instead to giving his wife's clients manicures in her beauty salon.

Robson Aparecido Barbosa worked as a security guard, but his life was not as he wanted it to be and over time he developed a strong depression, which even resulted in attempting extreme gestures.

After a long period of therapy, the psychologist advised him to devote himself to a manual activity, something that kept his mind occupied on what was happening in the present moment.

So, in order not to be alone at home, Robson started helping out in his wife's beauty salon. "I started by removing nail polish, then I learned how to file a nail, and so step by step  I learned how to give a complete manicure," said the man.

Robson admits that at first he felt ashamed to be learning a profession that is conventionally done by women, but since the work that he did in his wife's beauty salon made him feel good, he decided to continue and not care about other people's prejudices.

Today, Robson is a true nail technician in great demand in the beauty salon. In fact, there are clients who travel from the other side of the city to have their nails done by him! On the other hand, Robson has revealed himself to be really good, careful, and skilled with manicure tools.


Moreover, anyone who has ever been to a beauty salon knows that in these places you do not go there just to try new makeup, change your hair color or get it trimmed or your nails done.

In a beauty salon, people talk, argue, confront each other, and make confessions. These conversations with customers for Robson were like real therapy sessions: "When I was a security guard, I didn't talk much, at most I exchanged a few words with the supervisor. The security service was always at night and I was always surrounded by almost absolute silence."

Today, however, even when Robson is a bit sad, the clients in the beauty salon know how to make him smile again by telling a funny story or a joke!

In this way, this man has managed to escape from the grip of depression by questioning his previous choice of work and embarking on a new path that is not frequently traveled by men. Yet, it is precisely in his new profession where he has found tranquility, free from prejudice.

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