This man returned home desperate after losing a son and his camel comforts him with a warm hug -
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This man returned home desperate after…
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This man returned home desperate after losing a son and his camel comforts him with a warm hug


Animals often manage to show us rare qualities that, sometimes, unfortunately, some humans seem to lack entirely.

Some of these rare qualities are empathy, loyalty, and generosity. It has been said that if we had all or even half of these virtues, the world would surely be a better place.

Case in point is what happened in Saudi Arabia where a male camel showed its empathy and affection for its owner, who had just returned home after losing his son.

The loss of his son had required that the man be away from his herd of camels for three days but, on his return, one of his camels greets him affectionately.

The scene in the video is quite touching as the camel wraps its head and neck around the man in what truly appears to be an affectionate hug.

The images are really heartwarming and show how the camel absolutely does not want its owner to be sad. To comfort him, the camel gives its owner a gentle embrace full of love.

Sometimes, it seems that animals are able to decipher our emotions better than we can, and they also manage to understand us in a unique and special way. And, of course, this is just one more reason to love them.

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