21-year-old earns $ 1 million a month:…
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21-year-old earns $ 1 million a month: he started a company that saves food considered to be "waste"

September 03, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Perfection does not exist and trying to achieve perfection is a lost cause. There are industry sectors, however, in which striving for near-perfection is a must. An example of this is the food industry which must continually strive to supply the market with healthy, safe products. But ensuring this security creates a lot of food waste.

This waste was noticed by the subject of this story. He is a young worker who has decided to change course and dedicate his working life to saving "imperfect" food in order to fight waste. Here is his story:

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James Eid is a 21-year-old from the UK, who is studying an MBA at the University of Lancaster. James grew up in a family of bakers and has intimate knowledge of every phase of bread production: from creation to distribution.

This also meant that James realized how much food - bread, biscuits and similar - is being wasted every day. Every industry has rules to follow and the products placed in shops must comply with very specific, strict standards. So, for example, if a biscuit is smaller or bigger than the acceptable range, it will be thrown out -  even if this is the only thing wrong with it.

How can this waste be prevented? James asked himself this simple question and seems to have found the ideal solution.

The young man had the brilliant idea of saving "imperfect" products and selling them at reduced prices. This is how Earth & Wheat was born, selling "imperfect" baked goods to customers (who are also invested in reducing waste) and delivered directly to their homes.

"The goods we deliver to our customers are of excellent quality," said the young entrepreneur. "The food is not spoiled, but cannot be sold normally as it has small imperfections. In all other respects, the food is fine and would have been really sad to have to throw it away," he said.


This is a big step in reducing daily waste, but was also a way for young James to start a company that earns about $1 million dollars every month.

Not many could have come up with such an ingenious idea. Selling these products at low prices allowed James to quickly expand his customer base and increase his profit (which has also allowed him to now expand into the fruit and vegetables markets).

What do you think of Jame's enterprise?

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