Man proposes on a pier by a lake, but…
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Man proposes on a pier by a lake, but the ring ends up in the water

September 07, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Are you also an incurable romantic, and do you get excited watching a marriage proposal? Or, better still, are you among those people who have always dreamed of living a romantic life? Do you dream of the moment when your beloved will kneel before you and ask the fateful question? Well, you are not alone! And it is important to pay attention to the location where you choose to propose. The couple in this story, for example, found themselves on a beautiful and very romantic pier on a lake. It is a pity then, at the climax of the event, the ring fell into the water.

Ross Bamber had chosen to do the right thing, and in the best way possible:  he proposed to his girlfriend, Geri Ashforth, on one knee. The man had bought a diamond ring for $1,160 dollars and had chosen a very romantic location to ask his beloved to marry him. In short, Ross had organized everything down to the smallest detail and the result was the dream of every future bride. But like all beautiful things, it can take very little to ruin it. At the climax of the proposal, Geri covered her eyes with her hands, while Ross knelt with the ring box open in front of her. But suddenly, the ring fell out of the box, bounced off the wood of the pier, and ended up in the water. Lost forever.

At this point, Ross had to improvise: luckily Geri was wearing another ring at the time. The scene was tragi-comic: "Tell me that that splash wasn't what I thought it was," Geri said, distraught. The next day, Ross went to buy another ring and repeated his marriage proposal in the same place, but paying much more attention this time.

In any case, the two hope to be able to recover the original ring: "I spoke to the owner of the lake and he is happy to help us find the ring. Geri was quite angry about the whole affair." The video of the initial proposal went viral, garnering over 4 million views.

The important thing is that the couple continued to be united and are getting married. We can only extend our best wishes to this lovely couple!

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